Business Network Solutions is a consultancy operated by Evan McNally since 2000.

What's a consultancy? Well, it's like a technician who can fix problems, but it's also a whole lot more.
The Technician:
Fixes problems
Answers questions
Understands your equipment
Costs you money
The Consultant:
Delivers solutions
Asks questions, reveals issues
Understands your business
Contributes to your success
What if you had the option of a single point of contact for ALL computer issues? Ever been told by someone that it's not their issue and you need to contact someone else because it's the other guy's problem?

We are first and foremost Problem Solvers. Dealing with the complex interaction of modern hardware and software from many different vendors is what we do. You will never hear us say it's not our problem. We will fix the problem or will coordinate it being fixed after determining what needs to be done. The buck stops here, in other words. You don't have different accountants for local, state, and federal taxes so why would you call different vendor support lines for equipment that all has to work together?

The point of computerization and technology is to make things easier, more efficient, and to reduce costs. All work we do is guided by these principles.
We diagnose and repair computer hardware and software, including Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office and associated technologies.

How do you know you are getting the best advice and support? Microsoft Certification ensures comprehensive expertise in current and upcoming technologies.
General Computer Hardware Repair & Maintenance
Software Tune Up
Antivirus and Security
Intuit Quickbooks Accounting
Industry Specific Applications
Printing and Scanning
Smart Phones and Tablets
Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
and much more
Yes, we love Apple! Macs, iPhones, iPads -- We can help with all areas of Apple technology, plus integration with PC networks and systems. Our first Mac was a Mac IIsi running System 7 in 1994, so our roots go deep. Apple One-on-One is great, but there's no substitute for easy onsite help at your location that addresses your problems.

Some of the areas where we frequently provide consulting: Transfer of Data from PC to Mac, Email integration, Time Machine and backups, MobileMe synchronization problems, CRM tools such as Daylight, accounting software such as Quickbooks for Mac, encryption and security for Mac-based businesses falling under Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA.

We use Macs as well as PCs everyday at BNS (this web site was developed with Rapid Weaver on Mac OSX). Most importantly, we understand both sides of the equation (PC & Mac) so we are equipped to give you the best advice and troubleshooting with expertise that does not stop at the boundary of one particular platform.