Fixing Problem Networks is Our Specialty. Already paid a bundle and still nothing works?

Nothing is quite as satisfying as a well-oiled machine humming along. Computer networks should be almost invisible because they are just there--like electricity or running water. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

We have first met many clients because they were struggling with random outages. You know, the internet goes down, email sometimes works and sometimes not, scanning documents is a hassle, you are not sure that your backups have everything. The "IT Guy" keeps trying things and billing you, but every fix creates new problems.

We operate from a position of superior knowledge and training along with broad expertise. Problems usually result from poor design choices and incorrect implementation. Even the worst performing networks and servers can usually be fixed with little or no new equipment, they simply need some TLC and the right expertise.
Windows Server, Active Directory, MS SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange, System Center products, Hyper-V, Virtualization solutions, storage, backups, and associated technologies.

Extensive experience with server-class hardware (Dell PowerEdge, HP, and others).

We also support routers, wireless networking, network cabling, and security.
Microsoft Exchange / Microsoft Outlook email systems are a specialty. Exchange is the world-wide market leader in email, and no wonder. It offers many features and capabilities that go well beyond simple email.

A few of the many benefits of Exchange 2010:

Email centrally stored and backed up, but accessible everywhere.

Have the same email experience from your work computer, your home computer, your smart phone, your iPad, plus in a web browser on any computer. Anything you do from any place is reflected everywhere else, instantly and automatically with complete security. This is ideal for people who travel or need to work from outside the office with the same features they have in the office.

Work from any computer or other device using the same set of contacts and the same calendar. Update someone's phone number on your computer and have the contact update on your phone and iPad instantly, over the air and with no cables.

Let someone in your office make an appointment in your calendar from their computer and you'll see it appear on your phone instantly. Add distribution lists, a company-wide address book, shared calendars for meeting rooms or equipment scheduling.

Handle complex email requirements such as disclaimers, litigation holds, enforced archiving and retention of emails for defined time periods, search and discovery across all or some mailboxes by HR or Legal experts (even if the user has already purged the email from the system).

Exchange can be configured to run on your own server on your premises, or can be contracted as an outsourced solution with no upfront capital expenditure.

If your business is still using email that comes free from your Internet Provider or Web Site Host, then you may be using email as it existed 20 years ago rather than the modern and feature-rich service it is today.